Ocean Prey by John Sandford … and More

It’s mighty rare for an author to sustain a series for as long as John Camp, a/k/a John Sanford, has for his Prey novels featuring Lucas Davenport & Co.

I’ve read every book in the series, starting when Sandford did with Rules of Prey published in April 1990, 31 years ago in perfect harmony with his annual novel.

I just finished Ocean Prey, #31 in this series. 

Lucas has served in many roles since the series began, starting as a maverick detective with the Minneapolis Police Department who is forced out over excessive force charges. He later becomes an investigator with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), a troubleshooter for the Governor and most recently, a U.S. Marshall.

Among his 40 novels to date, John Sandford has written another terrific series featuring one of Lucas’s colleagues in the BCA, affectionately known as Virgil “Effin” Flowers in 12 novels so far

The Flowers series started with Dark of the Moon published in October, 2007. He and Lucas have shared stories more than once and, together, played integral roles in the latest Ocean Prey.

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