Mystery Corner

Welcome to Lary’s Mystery Corner. Here, you’ll find all of the novels that I’ve included in Sword Tips, the weekly Exkalibur Newsletter. These novels are invariably in the Mystery-Thriller-Suspense genre and usually are part of a regular series with a recurring protagonist. You can always come back here as a reminder of a book or author I’ve mentioned, to find a great escape from the demands of the business day or as a handy reference for books you want to read. Browse my selections below.

Kathy Reichs returns to the Bones series

It’s nice to see Kathy Reichs hitting a milestone in July, 2021 with novel #20 in her Bones series, The Bone Code, . You…
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Is Lee Child getting tired of Jack Reacher?

Jack Reacher is back in The Midnight Line, #22 in this series from Lee Child. Is Lee Child tired of…
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Red Swan by P.T. Deutermann

Red Swan by P. T. Deutermann (standalone) One of the most talent yet unheralded authors in the Mystery-Thriller-Suspense genre is P.T….
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K-Street by M.A. Lawson

K-Street by M.A. Lawson (Kay Hamilton #3) M.A. Lawson is the pen name of Mike Lawson, an established author of…
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The Late Show by Michael Connelly

The Late Show by Michael Connelly (Rene Ballard #1) For the first time following 20 books in the Harry Bosch…
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