Want to sell more products?

This is an old adage among direct marketing copywriters:

The value of this approach is that it opens a wider door through which you can market your products. Selling “holes in wood” defines a broader perspective that your customer’s project involves more than just drills.

You put “holes in wood” because they’re necessary to build a cabinet or a table or maybe a house. Using that marketing approach, you open the door to a broader discussion with your customer and more opportunities to help them complete their project with additional products you can provide.

It applies to your business, too.

If you’re in the insurance business, are you selling insurance … or are you  selling safety & security for your client’s home or business? Are you selling hamburgers … or  a quick and delicious meal you can eat by hand … which then includes fries, sodas, etc.

The wine industry sells “experiences” … not bottles of wine, but a “shared experience” in the company of friends and family over a glass of wine.

How does this apply to your business?

Take a moment to consider this marketing approach for your business and let me know in the comments if it makes sense to you and how you’d apply it.

Is this a change you’ll make in your marketing philosophy?

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