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Nothing in life travels in a neat formation accompanied by bugles and cavalry.

A lot of it shows up filthy and unkempt, prominent in the mess we’ve made around our foxhole.

These lessons are often learned the hard way and are often the offspring of hubris, naiveté and ignorance … or from overlooking the land mines hidden beneath our feet.

As a business leader, how often have you paused to wonder, “Am I a very good leader?”

Are Leaders Born or Made?

I’m not sure if leaders are born or made … but I do know you can become a better leader by being deliberate about your choices and behaviors as well as the tools and practices you use to exert your influence as a leader.

“Is it possible that I’m really just a ‘legend in my own mind’ and that when I turn around and look closely, not many people are following?”

Leadership is the centerpiece of our business success.

We start out with what God gave us … and stumble, fall, grow, learn and build from that foundation, emboldened by our success and nurtured by our failures.

You may be familiar with the Legend of Exkalibur – but you may not know that the key to freeing the sword from the stone is about understanding … NOT strength.

I love the Legend of Exkalibur metaphor because it is a constant reminder of the challenges we face in becoming more effective leaders … and it reminds ME of my commitment to provide the tools and insights that will help you do that.

Simply put, that’s what drives our work … helping business leaders improve their personal effectiveness as well as the success of their organizations.

Talent & Experience are not enough

The cornerstone of the Exkalibur web site is the conviction that talent and experience – by themselves – are not very good predictors of superior performance.

By every measure, deliberate practice is the linchpin of champions from chess masters to quarterbacks.

“Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions.”

Whether you’re meeting with an outside advisor or subscribing to magazines and blogs like Sword Tips, you can obtain valuable insights from seasoned professionals who have walked down the paths your following.

I believe outside advisors can add tremendous value … because there is no substitute for independent and unbiased feedback to help you achieve a realistic and balanced perspective about your business.

By regularly receiving independent and unbiased feedback, and constantly improving the practical tools and techniques at your command, you WILL become a stronger leader.

[pullquote]Tell me what’s on your mind and let’s think about it together.[/pullquote]

Applied Leadership

Over many years, I have focused my energy and time on the success of CEOs and senior business executives … as a leadership coach as well as a professional author and speaker.

In that process, I have  learned many lessons from the success and failures I’ve observed – many of them my own – and have come to a better understanding of personal development as the overarching theme of our personal and professional journey.

In some ways, we could say it’s all about Personal Development … but as we travel these paths, we begin to inevitably sharpen our focus and realize that we can boil most of it down to the three essential ingredients of superior executive performance: LeadershipProductivity & Accountability.

True leaders never stop learning

Learn & Lead

At the center must be our commitment to lifelong learning, to holding on tightly to our core values and beliefs and to relentlessly pursue continual improvement in the behaviors and conduct that affect our lives.

It’s bee said and it’s absolutely true in my experiences.

Leaders are readers. Readers and Leaders.

There’s no substitute for reading, listening and watching to stimulate your thinking, explore fresh ideas and capture new tools and practices to improve your LeadershipProductivity & Accountability.

Leadership Challenges have never been greater

The challenges, threats … and yes, the pain experienced by leaders … come from all directions … team members that disappoint … customers whose loyalty is as reliable as the lowest price they’ve been offered … competitors who thirst for your demise.

The distractions are immense, too … an uncertain economy with limited visibility … an overloaded inbox and email that growls at all hours … direct reports who can’t keep up and are dragging us down.

I can help you become a more Effective Leader

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I will be happy to talk with you by phone, or sit down with you, at no cost or obligation, to listen to what’s on your mind so we can think about it together and come up with a sound plan to help you keep building your business.

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