You might to turn on this feature before you die.

A lot of folks have wondered what will happen to our “digital content“ when we die? Who will have access to it? Will important information be accessible? For many, it’s all about reserving a record of your photos videos of more where you’ve shared your life stories. B

In iOS 15.2, a Legacy Contact capability was added. Unless you expect to dodge a meeting with The Grim Reaper, you might want to provide access to a limited number of people after that day arrives.

Facebook & Google already offer a similar setting. WSJ.

There are a few issues and limitations you should know about:

  • Your legacy contact will be able to access most of what is in your iCloud account, including photos, email, contacts and more. Apple has provided this complete list.
  • Your legacy contact will either have access or not. So far, Apple has not provided any way to set limitations, but I expect they will in the near future. (Unlike Google which will allow you to specify exactly what you want to share.)
  • You will be issued an access key you can share with your specified legacy contacts via messages and contact as I was 15.2 or later, the key will be stored in an encrypted location on their device.
  • When you die, they will go to and submit a death certificate that Apple and their legal team, will review. If all is well, your legacy contact will receive a link to login to access the data.
  • Don’t worry. Your contacts won’t be able to send emails or messages, but the account can still receive messages.

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