Sword Clicks of the Week

Welcome to Sword Clicks where I’ll provide a handful of links every week so you can explore topics that interest you. No muss. No fuss.

⚔️ I find it hard to believe that airlines pay their flight attendants this way, but thankfully, Delta is changing it. [Inc.]

⚔️ A star student – 1550 SATs, unweighted 3.95 GPA with a long list of other accomplishments. Rejected by every top college. Examples of the challlenge: Harvard (3.2% of 61,220 apps approved; Yale, 4.5% of 50,015 apps; etc.) Learn Why. [WSJ]

⚔️ Seriously? A selfie drone called Pixy for Snapchat? [The Verge]

⚔️ How are the workouts coming? Embarrassed to learn a women completed 102 marathons in 102 days? Did I mention she’s an amputee? [AP]

⚔️ Homelessness is a problem everywhere, but after spending hundreds of millions of dollars to solve the crisis in San Francisco, the results are disastrous. [SF Chronicle]

⚔️ Are you a puzzler? Probably not with the obsession of A.J. Jacobs, who tackles some of the world’s toughest puzzles … and some of them are real doozies. [CBS, Video]

⚔️ Ready for a new violin? Maybe a really old one, say from 1736? A lot cheaper to get an old one, huh? Maybe not in the case of this one from revered luthier Giuseppe Guarner. It’s going on auction next week – should only cost you a measly >$10 Million! [Reuters]

⚔️ Nearly everyone uses hotel soap – it’s the largest consumable across the industry. It’s apparently ok to take it home, too, but what about the afterlife of the used soap? Hard to believe there is one, huh? [theHUSTLE[

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