Sword Clicks for May 19, 2022

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⚔️ There’s a gigantic industry you know is there …but you barely think about it. It’s estimated to be a $600 Billion/Year industry. See if you can Spot the difference: the invincible business of counterfeit goods. [The Guardian]

⚔️ Did you ever think there would be software to analyze the human voice to detect depression and anxiety to support a more well-rounded view of a patient? [Forbes]

⚔️ Nothing much better than chocolate and coffee together. You probably won’t believe this, but scientists have designed the perfect chocolate … and found that 3-D printed spiral-shaped candies give the ideal eating experience. [Smithsonian Magazine]

⚔️ And, to make sure you have the ideal coffee to go with it, take a look at the 11 Best Coffee Subscription & Delivery Services for Every Type of Coffee Drinker. [Condé Nast Traveler]

⚔️ If you’re looking for a unique side hustle, consider these tips about how to be a bootlegger.

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