Sword Clicks for June 9, 2022

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I’m glad I’m not the only one eager to get rid of the “everything is breaking news” banner. CNN Enters the Post-Jeff Zucker Era. Bye-Bye ‘Breaking News’ Banners.[NY Times]

Average gas prices in the U.S. are surging toward a record $5 per gallon.GETTY IMAGES

We tend to think that the price of crude oil is the dominating factor in gas prices, but only 1% of gas stations in the U.S. are owned buy companies that produce oil. Say hello to the huge role played by the independent refiners.

Love the taste and smell of BBQ? The primary difference that sets BBQ apart from other cooking methods is how the heat reaches the food. Learn about some of the science in What makes smoky, charred barbecue taste so good? The chemistry of cooking over an open flame. [The Conversation]

Cooking food over an open flame produces unique flavors thanks to some interesting chemistry. Lars Szatmari / EyeEm via Getty Images

We’ve published several primers and related articles on cryptocurrency, but the FTC says that over $1Billion has been lost in crypto fraud, 40% from social media.

2nd place in the scam department goes to Romance scams.

“Thank you in advance.”

Does that work as a polite closing in an email? Maybe not? ‘Thank You in Advance’: Presumptuous or Polite? [Inc.]

Color me a skeptic on the value of the Metaverse, but not everyone agrees. Here’s a 12m TED Talk from Minecraft’s game director Agnes Larsson. [TED]

In her TED talk, she shares how the experience of building and sharing metaverses can foster dialogue, friendship and trust — pointing to the meaningful impact virtual worlds can have on the real world.

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