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Accountability is about making sure that others are productive, and holding them accountable for doing their part to meet their objectives to make your organization successful.

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Hmmm. Who Can I Blame for This?

If there was ever a time to be reminded of this, it’s now.

Let’s face it. The COVID-19 pandemic sucks!

It’s resulting in restrictions at all levels – for your family, your business, your community, your church … and the list goes on.


BUT … you still need to act. You need to get things done.

You have to tackle this in your own way, but it’s not the circumstances you face.

It’s you. The decisions YOU make. 

Look in the mirror. That’s the person you need to manage …. and it’s the only person you can point to for what’s happening in your life.

Always – and in all ways – you have to deal head-on with the circumstances and live with the decisions YOU make in those circumstances.

There are no alternatives. You own it.

So, own it!

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The Value of a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is an unarguable characteristic of successful leadership.

Even better, a positive attitude keeps company with many other qualities …

  • A can-do approach,
  • A commitment to excellence,
  • A desire to be a collaborative teammate,
  • A willingness to take on new challenges in unexpected environments, and
  • A general approach that sees the glass half-full rather than half-empty.

What Can You Expect from Someone with a Positive Attitude?

Those with a positive attitude are always willing to try … to do more and to serve those around them.

Contrarily, an individual with a bad attitude rejects anything outside of the routine and relishes the completion of his own work. He never has enough time to perform his basic tasks and avoids all else.

A Positive Attitude is Predictive of Job Performance

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Back to the future? Leave 2020 out.

When I mention “Back to the Future”, I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of the eponymous movie where Doc Brown sent Marty McFly back to 1955 in a time-traveling DeLorean automobile.

For my part, I’m thinking of the admonishment I recently saw in a caption underneath that same movie poster:

Whatever you do, don’t go back to 2020!

Damn good advice I’d say.

That notion also reminded me of Oliver Wendell Holmes’ sage advice that seems appropriate for this era.

As this relentless pandemic slowly finds its way into our rear view mirror – some day not soon enough – we won’t be able to return to the “old days” as much as may wish it were so.

BUT … we’ll be more vigilant, better prepared, more resilient … and ever more determined to confront the uncertainty that is the enemy of everyone except our enemies.