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Accountability is about making sure that others are productive, and holding them accountable for doing their part to meet their objectives to make your organization successful.

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What’s Keeping You from Making the Tough Decisions?

One of the most pervasive challenges that arises in my coaching sessions with CEOs and other business executives is the struggle to make the tough decisions.

It’s a deadly disease that cripples personal productivity.


It’s usually a decision that’s already been resolved — silently, often deep in the psyche — but we don’t announce it, we don’t execute it and no one really knows the decision has been made at all.

What’s the impact of indecisiveness?

This is a high stress point for executives. These delayed decisions constantly beg for attention, but as we drop these pebbles of indecision in our backpack, it gets heavier with each step.

Carrying around the burden of these unexecuted decisions is a malignant tumor that can be fatal to both executive effectiveness, productivity and health.

Jack Welch said it best:

“You gain nothing by showing uncertainty and indecision”.

You’re squandering valuable time

These agonizing delays also hijack valuable time from the organization.

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What Would You Do on Captain Flint’s Ship?

Your Decision-Making Style will determine a lot about the success of your decisions.

A re you able to make the tough calls when you need to?


In an episode of Black Sails, a compelling saga about the Golden Age of Piracy in the early 1700s (S3/E3), the feared Captain Flint was piloting a pirate ship that was becalmed following a vicious storm. The sea was still.

Rations and water were alarmingly limited, and while the men’s rations had already been cut, an even deeper cut was required so the remaining rations and water would last for the additional week expected before the currents would bring them to landfall.

While the captain’s advisors objected and feared the effects of another reduction for all of the men, Captain Flint had a different idea.

What did he do?

What Was Captain Flint’s Decision?

Flint knew that unless the men who were essential to sailing the ship were strong enough to do so, no one would survive.

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Competence. Confidence. Caring. Done.

In an interview several years ago, William Green, the former CEO of Accenture, a Global 500 firm with current revenues in excess of $44 billion, recounted a 3-day training session for new managers in which they were told 68 things that were required to be successful.

When Green got up to close the session, he started thinking that there was no way anyone would remember even half of what they heard. So, he made a move that would have earned a standing “O” from both Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs.

What did he do?

He synthesized the list of 68 items their new managers heard to the 3 core principles which I’ve used to title this post.

  • COMPETENCE: Being good at what you do and focusing on the job you have, not the job you think you want to have.
  • CONFIDENCE: People want to know what you think so you need enough self-confidence to articulate a point of view.
  • CARING: It’s all about the team and in the end, it’s about giving a damn about your customers, your company and the people around you.

Simplicity at its finest.


Find Yourself Immobilized by the Pandemic? Riots? Politics?

When I’m talking to leaders these day, I find an unusual level of inaction. Maybe immobility is a better word for it.

Today, the pandemic officially begins Month #11, and has people frustrated, bored and uncertain of their future.

The riots in the Capitol and the heightened level of political discord and disruption have also pierced our psyche.

But, when in doubt, there’s a simple adage you can always count on …


When you do … when you get in motion … you’ll find a few ideas … a few toeholds … a little “lotion in the motion” that will provide fuel to get you moving again in pursuit of your goals and dreams.

Take a chance. Take that first step and don’t stop moving.


Looking with Envy at the Success of Others?

All too often we look at others … why is he a millionaire? … how come she makes more than I do? … why do athletes get paid so much more than teachers?

It doesn’t matter how true those statements are.

What does matter is that we too often let those observations get in the way of our goals?

The gift you can give to yourself is the realization that while we’re all on the same life’s journey, some people have taken a different road … some are in a different stage of their journey … and some are simply further down the road than you.

So what?

The one thing you have in common with everyone else is that all of us have to start from the same place: WHERE WE ARE TODAY!

Get rid of the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” point of view and get real with where you are.

That’s where you have to start.


Where you are.