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Accountability is about making sure that others are productive, and holding them accountable for doing their part to meet their objectives to make your organization successful.

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What We’ve Got Here is a Failure to Communicate

You may not have heard this phrase, but it’s from the 1967 film, Cool Hand Luke, a Paul Newman feature that you shouldn’t miss.

The dialogue comes from a famous scene where the captain of the prison chain gang extols his charges with his own brand of leadership.

“Some men you just can’t reach,” the Captain says, as he reminds the prisoners of the beat down administered to a few other recalcitrant souls in an earlier scene.

“What We’ve Got Here is a Failure to Communicate!”

What is the Cornerstone of Leadership?

In an issue of the Harvard Business Review, the article, The Path to the C-Suite, (subscription or purchase required for the full article), confirmed yet again that the functional and technical skills that lead people to the C-Suite are NOT what is required for promotion or success

Rather, it is the softer skills leadership, communication and collaboration that differentiate the successful business leader

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Never retreat. Just Keep On Keeping On.

It seems like every week we’re emphasizing the theme of resilience and perseverance … and we should be with the lingering pain, suffering and uncertainty that the coronavirus pandemic has introduced into our lives.

Most importantly, as I’ve always stressed, you need to focus on what YOU can control.

Don’t worry about what others are doing … or the stupid things others are doing. Focus on what you can control … and do that!

Stay focused.

Never retreat.


Don’t stop leading.


5 Tips from Winston Churchill to Overcome Any Storm

There have been too many bad days for so many … probably a bad week … even a few bad weeks in a row!

How do you handle it if you have to slog your way through a seemingly unending storm?

How Do You Achieve Victory Against Insurmountable Odds?

Winston Churchill died in 1965 but few modern historical figures are as legendary as Churchill.

Thinking back on his remarkable resilience during World War II made me think on his countless pearls of wisdom I’ve enjoyed over the years. Some poignant, some funny, some rather cutting. I’ve sprinkled a few throughout for your enjoyment and amusement.

It also reminded me that in the face of life’s challenges, we CAN keep on getting on … and overcome them even when they seem stretched endlessly in front of us.

What Does the Future Hold?

The truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it. Ignorance may deride it. Malice may destroy it … but there it is. ~ Winston Churchill

The future is never clear enough and there are always unbidden passengers getting on the train … this time the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pendemic with its accompanying death, economic turmoil, political discord, family displacement … it’s a pretty long list.

“Let us go into the storm … and through the storm,” said Winston Churchill as he prepared England to confront the Nazi regime in World War II.

I thought this might be a touch of hyperbole as we face life’s challenges, but then I recalled that Churchill’s odyssey raged for five years, not just a day or a week.

Imagine Churchill, FDR and others slogging for five dreadful years through the greatest threat to civilization we have heretofore known.

How do we carry on the fight over a longer period?

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