What are you using to run your life?

How often are you dashing from pillar to post, fighting the clock to get more done?

Pretty often I suspect. Today’s quote is a reminder that there might be a better approach, and while it requires a longer-term perspective, it might be a more productive way to direct your life.

Are you playing a long game?

You’ve often heard the term “the long game“.

It refers to taking a longer-term perspective for a particular project or initiative rather than focusing on short-term gains. You hear it often in the context of publicly traded stocks, for example, where analysts argue that companies looking for short term profits are overlooking the long-term value creation they should seek. On the other side, stock traders care only about profits and how they affect current stock prices.

Ergo, the never-ending conflict all of us face.

In the first half of your life, be guided by a compass. Play the long game and make strategic decisions about the life you want to live.

As your life unfolds and you begin to feel the clock ticking … and maybe the sunset becomes closer than the sunrise … you might shift a bit, take a more tactical stance and give the clock a little more attention.

If nothing else, use this axiom to guide your choices about the road that will help you discover the life you seek.

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