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“Learn-it-all” will always do better than “Know-it-all” … and a few tips on dealing with the tragedy of the NorCal fires

I know our friends, colleagues and clients in the wine country of Sonoma and Napa are reeling today from the tragedy and devastation brought about by the raging fires in Northern California, which at this moment, are still not under control.

FEMA offers a valuable article, After the Fire! Returning to Normal which may be helpful for those who are experiencing property loss. I also hope an article offering self-care strategies to cope with the emotional distress created by such tragedies, will bring comfort and solace to those afflicted.

A Few Ideas ….

This week, I’ve discovered some articles I want to share with you that touch upon some of the most fundamental challenges facing business leaders …

  • How to make sure you’re staying on top of what’s best for your organization,
  • Why strategy execution almost never happens,
  • Why people can’t get anything done in the office, and
  • Why the least likely suspect is spending more on employee benefits than product.

“Learn-It-All” Will Always Do Better Than “Know-It-All”


Are you HAVING Fun or Are You CREATING Fun?

When I saw Richard Branson hanging in his hammock on Necker Island, his home in the British Virgin Islands , I thought again about how much fun he always seems to be having.

W e’re working hard …. but are we having any fun?


Who’s Having Fun?

If I asked you for the name of 3 executives you believe are having the most fun, who would you name?

Herb Kelleher, the long-time Founder and CEO of Southwest Airlines (now retired), comes to mind, regaling his colleagues in a chicken suit and singing to passengers during boarding.

Google seems like a fun place to work with all of the gadgetry, and gourmet meals at all hours. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founders even converted a Boeing 767 into their personal luxury liner, and their stock’s done pretty well, but I’m not sure we think of them as “fun”?

If You Could Come Back as Someone “Fun”, Who Would You Be?

What are you doing to have fun in your business? Keep reading …


Newsletter Vol 64, April 14, 2017

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Exalibur Newsletter


National Pet Day was April 11


Another good day for my buddy, Lulu.



Julia Joins Sesame Street


On another positive note, Sesame Street has added a new character to its lineup. Julia is “on the spectrum”, an autistic child who will help children learn to be together despite their differences.



Hey! Get Outta My Face!


How much “personal space” do you need before you begin to get uneasy? In the U.S., less than 3 feet encroaches on our “personal space”. It varies around the world … and is often influenced by the weather?



Just Click Here, Honey, and I’ll Marry You!


According to the National Academy of Sciences, about 1/3 of American couples married between 2005 – 2012, met through an online dating site.


+ I Hate This. You Hate This. I Love You!


In this crazy world, what you both hate may be a better way to match you up than what you both like.


Keep leading,


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Don’t miss some of the fascinating, funny and forever disconcerting stories and tidbits in this week’s issue of Sword Tips, the Exkalibur Newsletter.

On a lighter note, make sure you don’t miss the pop culture suggestions.

Upcoming Events

Only 3 weeks until Leadercast LIVE on Friday, May 5.


Featured Article

If you want to be a Leader Worth Following, you’ll inspire your team with exuberance and create the disciplined approach necessary to win.


Under the Apple Tree

There are a lot of cool features in Apple’s latest iOS update to 10.3.


Geeking Out

  • Don’t miss this FREE, simple tool to test your home router for protection against cyber attacks that are plaguing many homes accessing the Internet.


Around the Web

  • Are You Sure You Know How to Tie Your Shoes?
  • Know a Little Math … Make a $1 Million?
  • Which Robot Will Take Your Job?
  • Could You Live on $1/Day?


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I got a little ahead of myself last week. We announced a new format for our newsletter, but we’re not quite ready. I think it will be a much better, more focused result for you – with new graphics and tagline along with a different delivery approach.

So, stay tuned. You’ll see it very soon. (Notice how I didn’t promise a date this time?) I guess I’m a slow learner … but eventually ….

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Three weeks from today, you can join over 120,000 leaders from around the world at Leadercast LIVE, the Largest One-Day Leadership Event in the World.


If you want to inspire your team … gather some great, new ideas … and start working more ON your business than IN your business, this is your only chance this year to enjoy this great speaker lineup.


You will find all of the details here.



Exuberance + Discipline = Victory


What do you get when you combine a big dose of exuberance with the discipline you need to build a successful business?





You might be surprised how the lessons learned in sweaty gyms and beat-up school buses can be joined with lush surroundings and deluxe accommodations to create a powerful, unbeatable combination.


If you want to be a Leader Worth Following, you’ll inspire your team with exuberance and create the disciplined approach necessary to win.

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There are a lot of cool features in Apple’s latest iOS update to 10.3. 

  • View the current or last known location of your AirPods, or play a sound to help find them.
  • Hourly weather in Maps using 3D Touch on the displayed current temperature.
  • Support for searching “parked car” in Maps.

It’s always good to look at this list, as you may find a solution for something that’s bugging you … or in this update, get some help to find something you lost.


You’ll find a full list here.

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Use this Free, Simple Tool to Test Your Home Router

WordFence is a cybersecurity firm, which recently reported a vulnerability for home routers accessing the Internet. They have created a free tool to scan your home router to see if it is open and vulnerable to attack.


Click on this link to access the simple, free tool.


+ You should also read Hacked Home Routers are Launching Brute Force Attacks on WordPress Sites.




You Probably Think You Know How To Tie Your Shoes … But Do You?


Fixing this knotty problem could be valuable.


“This could help to create better surgeon’s knots and stronger fibers—and even unravel the reasons why deep-sea optic cables become tangled and break. It could also improve how computer animators mimic the movement of hair because it moves and twists in a similar way to strings and knots?”



Tie Your Shoes … Know a Little Math … Make a $1 Million?


The Riemann hypothesis remains arguably the most important unsolved problem in pure mathematics — one whose solution would fetch a $1 million Millennium Prize from the Clay Mathematics Institute.



Which Robot Will Take Your Job?


The headlines are everywhere about the rise of robots and how they will take over jobs. A recent Oxford University study concluded that as many as 47% of American jobs could be lost to automation in 20 years.



Could You Live on $1/Day?


Over 800 million people around the world do it … every day.


If there’s any good news … that number has been reduced by almost 50% since 1990.




I still wonder if it’s true that prisoners come up with all the humor, since they have more time on their hands than the rest of us.


It didn’t take long, did it?




The Clifton Chronicles Coming to an End


If you’re looking for something to accompany you on a long trip or a summer vacation, I think you’ll love the great storytelling of Jeffrey Archer.


I’ve now finished Cometh the Hour (#6 of 7), and on a long flight, started on the final chapter, This Was a Man, closing in on the end of the 2,500 page Clifton Chronicles series.


You may be tired of hearing about it, but if you like books in the Mystery-Thriller-Suspense genre … with plenty of intrigue, betrayal and treachery … with a few untimely deaths mixed in … the Clifton Chronicles will give you many hours … MANY HOURS … of a compelling story.


An impressive accomplishment for Jeffrey Archer, whose books have sold more than 300 million copies. As always, you absolutely need to start with Book #1, Only Time Will Tell.


If you’re looking for a shorter burst, you can always head over to the The Novels I’m Reading page for a multitude of great novels in the Mystery-Thriller-Suspense genre.


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Battlefield First Aid

Most of us are familiar with triage in a medical setting. It’s the proven process to prioritize the patients who need attention more urgently than others.

T he US Army’s version of Battlefield First Aid is the perfect framework to use if your business is struggling and you need to determine the most urgent priorities.


The concept behind triage is that someone experiencing symptoms of a heart attack will get greater priority than someone with symptoms of the common cold, for example.

It follows a simple three step sequence that you can apply in many ways to your business challenges.

1. Stop the Bleeding

This is the top priority because if this issue isn’t solved, it’s game over.

The Army teaches that when a soldier has lost a limb, for example, the first inclination of an untrained attendant is to address that issue, e.g., to preserve the limb for future reattachment.

But, that’s entirely the wrong response.

keep reading to learn the 3 steps to Battlefield First Aid


What I’m Sure About | What You’re Sure About

There are things we know for sure and some we don’t.

H ere is what I DO know and what I think YOU know.


What I Know Is True

You don’t draw on the Lone Ranger.

You can’t squeeze anything out of a buffalo nickel.

You shouldn’t flub a question about who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb or what President is on the Lincoln Head penny.

Tomorrow never comes … but, TODAY IS HERE … and that’s where we need to focus our attention.

What I’m Sure About

There are a lot of great executives and companies out there, and you are striving to get better, seeking excellence at every level.

Keep reading to see What I Think You’re Sure About


Be Grateful for All of Your Blessings

Be sure to take time to enjoy the blessings in your life on this Thanksgiving holiday.

T  he world will keep spinning without our business devotion, so invest your day with friends and family.


Take a moment this Thanksgiving holiday to leave your trials and tribulations behind and reflect upon all of your blessings. We have a lot to be thankful for living in the greatest country on earth, with all of its blemishes, and for our families and friends who nourish our lives.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others. ~ Cicero

Enjoy each others’ company … catch a little Detroit Lions football (a feature of my childhood Thanksgivings in Michigan) … or watch Santa arrive in the Macy’s day parade. But don’t let the moment pass by without loving the ones you love and who love you and enjoying and embracing the blessings that fulfill our lives.

Continue reading ….


Do you want to Be Legendary? Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

We think musicians, actors, athletes and other artists are uniquely able to Be Legendary.

I t only seems that way because they’re in the public eye, but you, too, can Be Legendary.


Imagine you are so remarkable that all the world stands in your honor, swinging and singing, tiny flashlights dancing across the ceiling, oblivious to the world around them?

How do we become legendary?

How do we achieve such an astounding level of recognition and praise for our talents and accomplishments?

I may be a living legend, but that sure don’t help when I’ve got to change a flat tire. ~Roy Orbison

What does it take to Be Legendary

Read more about how to Be Legendary