We Salute Our Fallen Heroes

Marine Corps War Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery

Today, we pay tribute to the young men and women who defend the freedom we hold so dearly. And, it is never more poignant and meaningful than when our men and women are serving overseas in harm’s way as they do across the globe.

Their presence and preparedness are ever more critical in a world fraught with grave threats and the kind of war and terrorism that have struck Ukraine and infected the European continent this year.

For me, this quotation on an Arlington National Cemetery memorial states exactly why they deserve our respect, admiration and support.

Not for fame or reward. Not for place or for rank. Not fueled by ambition or goaded by necessity but in simple obedience to duty as they understood it. These men suffered all – sacrificed all – dared all – and died.

Our soldiers don’t wonder “why”.

They “do their duty” and selflessly accept their mission to defend our freedom and the values we cherish.

Take a moment from your busy day . . . shed a few tears as I always do . . . and remember the sacrifices they have made through the years … and continue to make every day … at great risk … but with an unwavering dedication to the service of their country and the protection of our friends and family.

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