Who Controls Your Destiny?

There are days when we all wonder how much control we have over our destiny, aren’t there?

Yup. Those are the days when the winds of time and the torrent of demands on our time feel overpowering. But we also know those days will pass and as the dust clears, there are some things we CAN control and it’s up to us to find them and claim ownership and agency over them.

These quotes are a refreshing reminder ...

Here is a trio of additional quotes that remind us of the agency we have to take control of our lives.

Pick one or more … print it and paste it where it’s always in front of you … and don’t forget that YOU …

  • Have the power to say how your story WILL end, 
  • You can exercise your will to envision something special, and
  • If you don’t paint your masterpiece, it won’t get painted.

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