The Jack Reacher series from Lee Child

If you’re fan of the Mystery-Thriller-Suspense genre … then you’ve heard of Jack Reacher, the legendary progeny from the pen of Lee Child.

I’ve read every one of the 26 novels, which began with the Killing Floor in 1995, a book that’s the basis for the first TV season of REACHER, recently premiering on Amazon Prime. Although Alan Ritchson as the TV Reacher is far closer to the 6’5” Reacher than the 5’7” Tom Cruise who played the character in the 2012 film, “Jack Reacher” and the 2016 movie, “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”, Ritchson looks too much like a body-builder and not the grizzled but tough Army veteran described in the novels. I enjoyed the TV series nonetheless.

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