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Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane

Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane, famous for his books like Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island which were made into movies, has now published his 10th novel, Since We Fell.

Since We Fell follows Rachel Childs, a former journalist who, after an on-air mental breakdown, now lives as a virtual shut-in. In all other respects, however, she enjoys an ideal life with an ideal husband. Until a chance encounter on a rainy afternoon causes that ideal life to fray. As does Rachel’s marriage. As does Rachel herself. Sucked into a conspiracy thick with deception, violence, and possibly madness, Rachel must find the strength within herself to conquer unimaginable fears and mind-altering truths.” Amazon

It takes a little time to get into it but it picks up speed when Rachel discovers what she’s really dealing with. It’s not my favorite Lehane novel, but if you like more psychological tension in your novels, this is for you.


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