Jane Hawk & Christopher Snow from Dean Koontz

I’m embarrassed to report that I lost track of Dean Koontz somewhere along the way. When I saw the coming attractions on my reading list looking a little light, I scrounged around and found THE SILENT CORNER, the first book in the JANE HAWK series.
I noted that it is a longer series, but as you know, I always choose to start with the first novel in a series.

Jane Hawk

What a crazy plot line Koontz has developed!
A cabal of twisted leaders across the American landscape has discovered a nanotechnology that takes over the brain patterns of its unwitting victims and leads them to suicide. Too bad they didn’t count on a relentless JANE HAWK, an FBI agent whose decorated military husband was one of the victims on the Hamlet list targeted for death. When Jane begins to unravel the web of deceits and lies that reach the highest levels of government, nothing is off the table.
I’ve also read the sequels, THE WHISPERING ROOM and THE CROOKED STAIRCASE, # 2 & #3 in the Jane Hawk series.<br><br>
The 4th book in the Jane Hawk series, THE FORBIDDEN DOOR, and #5, THE NIGHT WINDOW (published in the Spring of 2019) are on the shelf. We’re still waiting for #6.
This is planned to be a 7 book series.

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