Getting to the Point | The Exkalibur Newsletter | July 21, 2017

In this week’s Getting to the Point newsletter, our Featured Article, Would you listen to the Most Beautiful Woman in the World?, offers a simple recipe for ignoring barbs from strangers that can get under your skin. Our Business Brief, includes some fascinating connections between our natural tendency to lie and how willing we are to admit our mistakes and correct them. The dilemma for leaders is apparent when the proven science about our disposition to lie collides with our reluctance to admit our mistakes. There’s more in our Business Brief:

  • Are CEOs Being Held to a Higher Standard?
  • The Cost of Cyber Attacks is Astronomical
  • Why Do We Care About Medical Mistakes? How About Our Own?
  • One More Time: Team Culture Eclipses Everything, and
  • Are We Humanoids Underrated?

In our Geeking Out, there’s some amazing science about storing a movie in living bacteria, creating realistic video that’s fake, and a discussion about extraterrestrial ice on earth? We’ll also consider one of the most unique trailers you’ve ever seen when you Do This.
Around the Web, you may find Another Sign of the Apocalypse and learn why the gap between black & white infant mortality is growing, why we all seem to be predisposed to lying and how some big money is being made from dead celebrities. You’ll also want to consider how the advantages of taking some time off can sustain and extend a career in our Wide World of Sports segment.
Take a break and you’ll share the laughs from the most hilarious parenting tweets of the year in our Humor segment, find a great movie to watch and another great book from the pen of Ben Coes in Fiction.

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