How’s that 2022 Plan Coming Along?

We’re rounding the bend of the first half of the year and it’s a good time to take a close look at your 2022 plan.

BUT … not AT the plan but your execution OF the plan.

That’s where everyone struggles and as I reported in Will You Be Talking about How You Will Implement This Year’s Plan … Next Year?, it’s likely you’re facing one or more of the 5 obstacles I set out in that essay.

It’s also likely you’re going to stop reading about now. You’re crystal clear that the execution of your plan has fallen short and the last thing you need is  to be reminded about it.

Damn those daily demands!

I get it. The daily demands have … once again … swept over the gunnels and despite your best intentions, you haven’t quite found the time to get back to it.

AND … that’s despite my essay, What Word Will Fuel Your 2022 Success?, to encourage you to intensely focus on finding a  single word that can make a difference in your life … AND despite that I chose the word EXECUTION for myself in 2022! (hint … hint)

BTW, that essay also includes several quotes you can embrace to remind you of the critical importance of EXECUTION.

Any Good News?



Why not sharpen your focus on EXECUTION … RIGHT NOW … and make this the year you won’t use the same plan again next year.

How about it?

Got Comments?

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