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If you’ve ever exercised by lifting weights, you know that the amount of the weight on the bar is only one variable that needs to be considered for a particular exercise
If you’re doing a bench press, you can add more weight because your chest and shoulder muscles help your arms to lift the weight
But if you put 50% of that total weight on each of two dumbbells, you can’t lift either one
You’ve probably also learned that you can’t use the same weight for curls as you do for bench presses

How much weight can you really lift?

[pullquote]“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler
” ~ Albert Einstein[/pullquote]
Likewise, if you’re going to do only one repetition, you can handle more weight than if you’re going to lift it ten times
If you are lying flat, you can do more than if you’re lying on an angled bench
And if you’re going to do more than one set, you’ll probably have to reduce the weight further so you’ll still be able lift it when you’re in the third set
Are you trying to build strength or develop endurance? Are you trying to lose weight or improve your golf game?
All of these variables make a difference

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