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Ghosts of War by Brad Taylor

Ghosts of War by Brad Taylor

newsletter_brad_taylor_ghosts_of_warIn the summer of terrorist ass-kickers, Pike Logan continues the trend with Brad Taylor’s Ghosts of War, #10 in the series.

Logan is the long arm of the Taskforce, an off-the-books extension of the President of United States, sanctioned to undertake assignments outside the law. The Taskforce is currently on stand-down because of the actions of a rogue operator, so Pike and his girlfriend/sidekick, Jennifer Cahill, help out two old friends formerly of Israel’s Mossad. What they uncover is an underworld plot to overthrow the Russian government led by Vladimir Putin. It could lead to another World War unless the mystery is unraveled in time.

If you don’t want a lot of hand-holding and kumbaya, Pike Logan is your man. As always, I recommend starting with the first book in the series, One Rough Man.


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