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Are you providing candid feedback or avoiding it?

I decided to reignite the power of feedback because providing it … in a candid, thoughtful and direct manner … is something that many leaders avoid like the plague.

It’s not that you’re unwilling to give positive feedback or to applaud people’s performance or complement their success.

It’s that you know that’s not all of it.

You also need to tell the individual about his/her shortcomings, obstacles and challenges. Those issues are more difficult to share … and in direct proportion to how likely that individual is to fail.

What you may miss, however, is that most employees want direct feedback. They want to get better … they want to succeed … they want to grow and develop in their roles and advance in their careers.

They can take it if you can give it.

No, they won’t be happy at that moment … but most of the time they will reflect upon it, find the truth in it and seek to overcome that challenge.

You’ll truly serve them if you are honest, forthright and authentic when you’re serving the breakfast of champions.


Are you solving problems or hoping they’ll solve themselves?

These days, It’s axiomatic that you’re overrun with a tsunami of inputs … that stinkin’ email, social media, work demands from above and below, family needs … and the list goes on.

One result is that you may have acquired the attention span of a mosquito. You don’t “have time” (read “take time”) to study anything in real detail.

You find yourself increasingly looking for the “Cliff Notes” answer wherever you can find it.

That may be why even simple problems seem intractable.

Work hard to regain your focus. Stick with it. You’re much more likely to solve REAL problems that way.