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Are the naysayers slowing you down?

What do you think this means?

I suppose it could mean several things, but for me, it’s clear:

Don’t let the critics get you down.

There will be naysayers at every step of your journey … people who think you’ve taken the wrong turn … made the wrong decision … chosen the wrong alternative.

You can pause … you can listen … but you’ve got to pick your battles. Every plan has its flaws … every road has its potholes … but if you stop to consider every objection or resistance to your plan, you won’t get very far.

Let the dogs bark.

You? Keep on keeping on!


Working on your own progress … or eyeballin’ what others are doing?

Like many of us, I’ll bet you’re making this comparison all too often.

Looking across the aisle … across the room … at someone sitting in a coffee shop … and thinking … “I wish I ….”

Don’t give it another thought.

Why focus on how they’re doing?

Focus on your own progress.

That’s the only thing you can control.


Do You Expect Growth To Be Comfortable?

Virginia “Ginni” Rometty is the current chair, president, and CEO of IBM. After more than 30 years with the company, she became the first woman to head the company in January 2012.

In today’s quote, she hit on a powerful but elusive concept … maybe not quite that accelerated growth creates chaos … but it sure breeds discomfort.

The tragedy is that the opposite condition of stagnant, even moderate growth, creates the kind of comfort that kills companies.

The moral of the story?

Build a great leadership team so you can deal with the discomfort that accompanies growth.

Remember this, too.

No Growth? No Change? No Survival!