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There is no substitute for a great team

I know you’ve heard this concept, often from me, probably from others.

Most of us have attempted something on our own that fell short … maybe you didn’t think you had time to build a team … maybe you were determined you didn’t need any help … but when that attempt went south, I’m sure that somewhere in the deep recesses of your brain, you thought … “I shouldn’t have tried this on my own.”

Start building … coaching … leading your team now. You’ll never look back.

When you do that, you’ll see the wisdom of this mantra:

Stay ready … so you don’t have to get ready.


Hesitating? You could be toast.

I think we’ve heard this in much simpler terms … something like “he who hesitates is lost” or words to that effect.

I prefer this more elegant phrasing which dramatizes both the elation and exhaustion that arrives just as we’re nearing the finish line. We’re tired of the race … or just plain tired … and figure we’re almost there so, hey, let’s catch our breath.

Sports is a metaphorical gold mine for this syndrome. How many likely winners failed in the last minutes, ran out of steam … and lost a game or race they should have won?

Winston Churchill added this riff at the end of all of his wartime correspondence during World War II:


Keep Buggering On.

Still good advice, huh?

Grab the gold ring first.

Then … and only then … sit down and enjoy the victory.


Remembering Our Fallen Heroes ….

Not for Fame or Reward
Not for Place or for Rank
Not Lured by Ambition
Not Goaded by Necessity
But in Simple Obedience to Duty
As They Understood It
These Men Suffered All
Sacrificed All
Dared All And Died

Today, we pay tribute to the young men and women who defend the freedom we hold so dearly.

It is never more poignant and meaningful than when our men and women are serving overseas in harm’s way.

For me, this quotation on an Arlington National Cemetery memorial states exactly why they deserve our respect, admiration and support.

Our soldiers don’t wonder “why”.

They “do their duty” and selflessly accept their mission to defend our freedom and the values we cherish.

Take a moment from your busy day . . . shed a few tears as I always do . . . and remember the sacrifices they have made through the years … and continue to make every day … at great risk … but with an unwavering dedication to the service of their country.


Are the naysayers slowing you down?

What do you think this means?

I suppose it could mean several things, but for me, it’s clear:

Don’t let the critics get you down.

There will be naysayers at every step of your journey … people who think you’ve taken the wrong turn … made the wrong decision … chosen the wrong alternative.

You can pause … you can listen … but you’ve got to pick your battles. Every plan has its flaws … every road has its potholes … but if you stop to consider every objection or resistance to your plan, you won’t get very far.

Let the dogs bark.

You? Keep on keeping on!