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Personal Development is a widely used term by thousands of bloggers. Some are wide-ranging articles about the body, mind, spirit and soul. Others are focused on life coaching, personal success and lifestyle. It’s a bit of a potpourri here, too, but you will find practical strategies, tips and tools that can make a difference in your life.

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Getting to the Point | The Exkalibur Newsletter | June 9, 2017

This week we’re Getting to the Point with some helpful advice from the business world along with some fascinating tidbits from the medical, scientific and tech arenas.

This week’s Featured Article sets out a simple approach to building a sales funnel to ramp up your top line revenue. In our Business Brief, you’ll also learn 6 Phrases to help you demonstrate active listening, a critical but too often overlooked ingredient of great leaders. You’ll also get some tips on planning a retreat with your team, the latest scientific thinking about howu to think and attack a business problem along with a fascinating story about the millions of dollars lost in stolen nuts in California (No, I don’t mean the residents).

In our From the Apple Tree segment, I’ve summarized some of the latest announcements from Apple, which Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, described in his keynote address on Monday. You don’t want to miss the amazing Apocalypse video there. You’ll also be happy to learn in our Geeking Out segment how Apple and Google are attacking advertisers who to not only block ads, but eventually block third party tracking.

Around the Web will show you why valedictorians don’t become millionaires, and answer one of the questions that’s always haunted you why are doughnut boxes are pink? If you’ve got kids who aren’t yet in college, there’s some powerful lessons about social media and how they can affect your child’s college application. You also won’t want to miss interesting news on the medical front and whether your annual physical does any good.

You can also relax and do some reading this weekend, either about a fascinating and frank woman in our We’re Reading (Non-Fiction) segment or another great novel from Greg Iles in our What We’re Reading (Fiction) segment. There’s also a few examples of Why Moms and Grandmothers Yell in our Humor segment and some thoughts on what it would be like in our Sports segment if the Golden State Warriors go 16–0 tonight to win the NBA Championship.

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5 Powerful Leadership Lessons from the Indianapolis 500

Our leadership prowess is always on the line but nowhere more powerfully than on the starting line at the Indy 500.

You’re all in, 24/7 for 365 days … with victory in a 33 car lineup about 3 hours away. Do you understand the leadership requirements to achieve victory where there is no do-over?


Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

On Sunday, May 28, 2017 … and with a spread of only 0.2011 seconds – yes, that’s about 2/10 of one second – Takuma Sato edged out Helio Castroneves who was trying to become only the 4th driver to win 4 times at the Indy 500. Sato is the first Japanese driver to win at Indy and earned his redemption from hitting the wall on the final lap in 2012.

I’ve been following this race for more than 50 years

For over 50+ years, I have listened to … and starting with the first live, same-day telecast in 1971 … watched the Indianapolis 500.

Every year.

Without fail.

What do I know about cars?


Really, I should say Absolutely Nothing!
Keep reading to learn the 5 Powerful Leadership Lessons from the Indy 500


Getting to the Point | The Exkalibur Newsletter | May 26, 2017

This week we’re Getting to the Point with some helpful advice in from the business world along with some fascinating tidbits from the art, tech and medical arenas.

Once again, the civilized world contends with an unspeakable terrorist act, this time in Birmingham, England at the Ariana Grande concert on Monday. We share the grief and extend our condolences to the friends and families of the victims of this tragic event. There’s an unlimited supply of related stories, but in our Spotlight segment, I want to focus on The Horror of an Attack Targeting Young Women.

Our Upcoming Events segment bears witness to the sacrifice of our fallen heroes who we remember over this Memorial Day weekend. Take a moment from your busy day … shed a few tears as I always do … and remember the sacrifices they have made through the years … and continue to make every day … at great risk … but with an unwavering dedication to the service of their country.

In our Business Brief, learn the 9 Things That Make Good Employees Quit, how the airlines are making their money (it’s not what you think) and the various perspective that apply to the minimum wage. And, yes, they really are able to 3D-print a wall. Our Featured Article, 7 Simple Steps to Build Vital Flexibility into Your Company’s DNA offers important guidelines to help you avoid the kind of mishaps that can cripple your company.

In our Geeking Out segment, you’ll see why your phone and you are going to be BFFs and how tech is helping with the homeless problem. Make sure you look Under the Apple Tree for some great iOS tips you’ll love. As we look Around the Web, you’ll learn about the “Amazon Effect” on garbage bills*, how digital medicine is changing our lives** and why beauty is absolutely in the eye of the beholder.

We’ll add a little Humor to illuminate how wise we get as we get older. There’s also a good Movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Bacon, and in What We’re Reading – Fiction, the latest Cotton Malone thriller that revels in some incredible history that is not altogether fictional.

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The 6 Powerful Benefits of Admitting Your Mistakes

Go ahead. Raise your hand if you’ve never made a mistake

If your hand isn’t up, how willing are you to own and admit your mistakes?

What’s the Difference Between a Lie and a Mistake?

If you make a mistake and are not corrected, this is called a mistake. ~ Confucius

Before we get too far, let’s distinguish between failing to admit a mistake and actually lying.

I’m not sure of the provenance of this nugget, but it helps to make the distinction:

  • When an error is made unintentionally, it is a mistake.
  • When an error is made intentionally, it is a lie.
  • When a mistake is pointed out, but still clung to, it becomes a lie.

This is NOT about lying or covering up illicit activity, say, the example of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, which was a deliberate effort to cheat U.S. emissions standards. The Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme and the Lance Armstrong doping scandal are among the countless other events born with a deliberate lie to conceal illicit activity.

Today, I’m going to show you why admitting your mistakes … promptly and unprompted … is the only way to Become a More Effective Leader.