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Personal Development is a widely used term by thousands of bloggers. Some are wide-ranging articles about the body, mind, spirit and soul. Others are focused on life coaching, personal success and lifestyle. It’s a bit of a potpourri here, too, but you will find practical strategies, tips and tools that can make a difference in your life.

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Fun Friday | 9 Super Annoying Habits I Hope You Don’t Have!

It’s Friday, it’s summer time … so why not have a little fun at someone’s expense. I just hope it isn’t you.

There are at least 9 Annoying Habits that are the most grating to me … and I’m convinced they represent latent and nefarious character flaws that will be even more annoying when they become visible.

9 Super Annoying Habits I Hope You Don’t Have!

9 Annoying habits I’d like to strangle you for!

Are there habits in others … not ourselves, of course … that you find particularly annoying?

There are probably a lot of simple ones … squeezing the toothpaste in the middle of the tube, leaving dirty clothes on the floor, not hanging up your towel … minor stuff in the scope of things.

Then, there are those … the ones that are the most grating to me … that I’m convinced represent latent and nefarious character flaws that will be even more annoying when they become visible … and I promise you, they inevitably will.

I know many of you won’t like this list

Some of you won’t like this list … because you’re on it … and yes, I probably will unfairly judge you if I witness this habit. Maybe these are just personal idiosyncrasies …. for you, maybe … but for me … mostly … not.

So, I apologize in advance … but this is just the way I see it using my infallible superpowers. I’m even going to tell you what I suspect lurks beneath the surface of these imperfections.

No, that word’s not strong enough. Oh well, you can judge for yourself, but let me know because I really want to know if I’m the only one who sees these.

But, I have to say this sure is fun

Don’t miss any of these 9 Super Annoying Habits … in case you have some of them


There’s Only One Reason You Keep Making the Same Mistakes. Repeatedly.

The Resistance is relentless and we have reasons galore for not accomplishing our goals.

What is the common thread among all of the excuses reasons we use to rationalize our misses?

There's Only One Reason You Keep Making the Same Mistakes. Repeatedly.

Déjà vu all over again?

 How often have you heard one of these phrases banging against your skull  …

  • “Haven’t we been here before?” …

  • “Didn’t we already solve this problem?” …

  • “Why does this subject keep coming up all the time?”

They’re constantly resurfacing, often in disguise as a different issue altogether … but really, the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

Have we become dumb and dumberer?

You can probably outline a long list of reasons these same issues keep popping up like whack-a-moles. Chief Executive has tackled this several times, including in their article, 5 Simple Mistakes Even Experienced CEOs Make.

If we haven’t become “dumb and dumberer,” what’s going on?

Keep reading so you don’t miss the Single Reason We Keep Making the Same Mistakes


Have you ever heard of the Zeigarnik Effect? You Experience It Every Day.

The Ziegarnik Effect happens to each of us every day … and usually more than once.

It creates Psychic Tension that rattles our brain and fights us every step of the way to keep us from getting things done.

Man stepping on thumbtack

Have you ever heard of the Zeigarnik Effect?

It’s named after a Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik, who stumbled across the notion in the 1920s that waiters remembered orders that were still unpaid better than those that were already completed.

She returned to her lab, ran several experiments and further discovered that people remembered tasks better if they’d been interrupted doing them than if they’d completed them.

“Psychic Tension” drives us to closure

What she concluded has a lot to do with our short-term memory’s propensity to forget completely.

The more we try to hold things in our short-term memory, the harder we have to work to remember them. It takes a lot of cognitive energy but with few results.

We also seem to have a better memory for those things we have not yet finished.

The “psychic tension” it creates remains a stimulus for us to keep moving forward, wrestling with that idea and continually straining to bring it to closure.

What’s the significance for Personal Productivity?

continue reading ….



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7 Steps to Build Flexibility into Your Company’s DNA

Pair of Penguins with one very flexible with caption

If you can embed Flexibility into your company’s DNA, you’ll have the greatest possible chance to overcome the obstacles that bring companies to their knees. Too often we haven’t prepared for the unexpected. Here are 7 proven ways for leaders to make sure that Flexibility is embedded in your organization to help you conquer uncertainty and get the results you need….

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7 Words that Save Lives and Apply to Everything We Do

No satsfactory substitute for excellence ~Dr. Henri Ford

In a 7-hour-long operation that took place on May 22 at the University Hospital of Mirebalais in Haiti, Dr. Henri Ford, the chief of surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, directed his “incredible dream team” of several dozen professionals to successfully separate six-month-old conjoined twins who were born with a separate triplet sister. These were his words…

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Never Confuse Motion with Action ~Hemingway


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5 Powerful Leadership Lessons from the Indianapolis 500

Indy 500 Starting Line with caption

Our leadership prowess is always on the line but nowhere more powerfully than on the starting line at the Indy 500.You’re all in, 24/7 for 365 days … with victory in a 33 car lineup about 3 hours away. Do you understand the leadership requirements to achieve victory in such a short period of time?  …

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You can't truly listen and do anything else at the same time ~Scott Peck


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