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Business Finance is one of the areas where CEOs and other business leaders do not have a clear understanding of some basic concepts … but we are committed to help you turbocharge your business with practical tips and techniques to improve free cash flow, the lifeblood of business.

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How Close is Your Business to a Colossal Screwup?

Have you established a written Code of Conduct in your organization?

Our prescriptions for acceptable behavior are too vague. Get started now to spell it out more clearly to avoid that potentially colossal screwup.


Have you heard this phrase before?

“Conduct unbecoming”

You may have heard this phrase before, perhaps from the clenched teeth of a military JAG officer about the same time you learned that “Crystal” is a perfectly apt response to “Are we clear?”

What is the Standard of Conduct in Your Office?

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” – Mark Twain

Throughout my service as a U.S. Army officer, this phrase was constantly refreshed as the highest standard to apply to the official actions of military officers.

How Do Organizations Define Acceptable Behavior?

Keep reading to learn more about how to define acceptable behavior


Do you ever calculate ROI and Present Value? Watch these Short Videos | Cheat Sheets

Present Value and Internal Rate of Return are not difficult concepts to understand.

Take a look at the Cheat Sheets I’ve prepared along with 2 very short videos to explain these concepts.


For 20+ years, I’ve been carrying an old plastic card around in my wallet that is a great cheat sheet for investment-minded folks to quickly assess various return options.

I decided to recreate it here because it’s very useful as a handy cheat sheet you can use for quick reference. (You can click on the table to open a printable image.)

You just won the $10 million lottery

Let’s have some fun and assume you just won a $10 million lottery jackpot in California’s MEGA Millions game.

Don’t miss both Cheat Sheets and the accompanying videos


Get More At Bats

A good hitter knows he has to get more hits to be great. A great hitter knows she has to get more at bats to get to the Hall of Fame.

In the wake of the fading scars from the recent recession, most companies have turned their focus to revenue enhancement, a fancy term for “get more sales”. What are the key metrics that will help you drive that achievement?

Get More At Bats - Exkalibur.com

What could be easier than to focus on top line growth?

There is probably no clearer metric to measure and analyze. Check the ledger: sales are up or they’re not.

But, where do sales come from? From Prospects who become customers … so if you’re not tracking how you’re developing Prospects, and treating them as importantly as customers, your sales are unlikely to grow much.

Here’s the real key to getting more sales

Get more at bats.

If you need more customers, find more prospects.  If you own stores, figure out how to get more people through the door.

If you don’t have enough prospects, find more suspects.  If you sell services, talk to more people.

Sales result from developing Suspects … nurturing them to become Prospects … all the while recognizing most of them never become customers   …  but without them, there will be no new customers at all.

“At Bats” are not the same as “Plate Appearances”

Baseball distinguishes between “plate appearances” and “at bats”.

Just showing up at the plate isn’t enough. Keep reading so you don’t miss the metrics checklist…

Happy Thanksgiving!


It seems like everyone is ready for a little R&R these days … and there’s no better time than the Thanksgiving holiday for a restful weekend with family and friends. We can skip all of the pageantry for now …. Thanksgiving kicks off a long holiday season … and … thankfully … it’s devoid of the frantic gift-buying, holiday…

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Albert Einstein Quote


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Quotation: Is Pricing a Powerful Tool, a Slippery Slope or a Crap Shoot?

Over the years, I’ve written often about pricing … an enigma wrapped in a conundrum for most businesses. It comes up in many contexts, from evaluating revenue performance, using pricing as a powerful offensive weapon and evaluating the slippery slope of price discounting. If you’re the buyer, this quote by John Ruskin neatly summarizes the pricing…

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Leadership | How Are You Paving the Road to Superior Performance?

Two-faced head statue

In Can Radically Different Cultures Produce Equally Great Results?, I posed the question: If measured by financial performance, can dramatically different organizations be equally successful? In this short series about culture development, we’ll take a look at how sound business principles and cultural patterns often collide within an organization’s walls. How can opposing cultures both succeed? In many…

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Leadership | Flying blind? Assume Crash Position!

Blindfold woman holding spoon with pile of pills

Do You Need to Start Your Own Bonfire? Barely 500 years ago, Girolamo Savonarola was an outspoken and strident critic of the current order, angrily vilifying the worldly possessions that tempted people to become sinners. He was ultimately excommunicated from the Catholic church, condemned for heresy, stripped of his priestly garments, hanged, and his body…

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Lewis & Clark didn’t load the canoe with Mojitos!

Nothing but LEADERSHIP

What Does It Take to be a Great Leader? Every Tuesday, we’re sharing valuable and practical leadership tips and tools to help you BE a better leader so you can BECOME a better leader. Remember … you won’t BECOME a better leader until you start BEING a better leader … implementing NOW the changes necessary…

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