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The 8 Most Powerful Letters in Your Productivity Toolkit | Video

Just when I thought we had covered the waterfront with respect to accountability, I’m reminded of the linchpin of true accountability – the very simple concept of FOLLOW UP.

During my conversations with CEOs, I’m repeatedly reminded of how remarkably little attention is paid to this simple concept.


Why do we ignore follow up?

It seems so obvious I wonder why I’m writing about it … and yet, routine follow up is often ignored in the hustle for the next opportunity or when there just isn’t another finger to put in the dike.

This isn’t a new problem and it stretches across all of the aspects of our lives. Five years ago, the New York Times even lamented about the lapse in our social manners reflected by people’s failure to respond to RSVP invitations, much of which I’d chalk up to this follow up laxity.

It’s a process that is halfheartedly pursued by so many that it’s no wonder so few things get done on time – or at all.

We expect the other person to get it done

There are a number of reasons for this you may recognize in yourself.

Don’t miss the video & the 7 Simple Steps to create a powerful Follow Up routine


Personal Productivity: Capture all of the randomness

A Weekly Personal Productivity series to help you get more done!

Every Thursday, I’m sharing a new Personal Productivity Tip to help you get more done. Each Productivity Tip is a remarkably simple tool or concept that can be quickly implemented to make a real difference in your personal productivity. When you apply many of them together, they’ll make a big difference in improving productivity, achieving accountability and staying focused on the things that matter the most in your life.

You may want to check out some of the posts in this Productivity series, including the the value of checklists; the importance of getting rid of the crappy stuff;  the nightmare of the cluttered mind; and that feeling of being buried all the time. You can also leverage your resources and apply the lessons of the ARCI chart and the S.M.A.R.T. goals to boost the accountability of your entire organization.


What are you doing with all the random information you get?

One thing’s for sure.

The amount of random bits of information heading our way every day is truly mind-boggling.

Some days more than others but collectively, we receive and try to retain thousands of pieces of data that we’d like to store and recall on a moment’s notice.

It happens in all part of our life, too.

Kid’s classroom schedules, swim meets, volleyball games … and pictures of furniture we like … books and music we don’t want to forget … room measurements that we’ve just taken for the 4th time or wish we remembered when we were looking for a new sofa … or the type of printer ink we need because we always forget which model we have … the list is truly endless.

How many web sites have you visited where you’d like to keep that information … read that article later … keep that software tip handy … gifts we don’t want to forget for our anniversary, the kid’s birthdays, Mother’s Day … this is another endless list by itself.

I love Evernote to collect every tidbit of information

I’ve become pretty attuned to capturing every single minor detail in my trusted system.

Since I’m on the Mac platform, I use Daylite, a great productivity suite.

Let me know if you want me to share more details about their dashboard and how to adapt it using GTD principles.

I’ve also jumped into the deep end of the pool with Evernote.

I’ve had the Premium version for about 3 years but I never used it as much as I do now.

I’ve come to see it as a more important part of my workflow because it serves as a very handy database for random bits of information.

It easily syncs across all of your platforms … laptop or desktop, iPhone, iPad and other devices …. seamlessly and quickly. That part is truly a no-brainer.

The elephant logo of Evernote is just that … your personal memory bank for all things that stumble across your path everyday.

Just this week so far, I’ve added 66 notes to my Evernote database.

If you want to know more about how to integrate this wonderful program into your workflow, let me know and I’ll expand upon it in an upcoming article.