Unicorn meat? Delicious!

Tim Berry called my attention to a great post on the ThinkGeek site. If you're hungry, dig in ... dig in, that is to the hilarious post showing the "cease and desist" letter they received from the National Pork Board claiming that they infringed on the slogan "The Other White…

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Empower to the People!

I'm a big believer in the Ritz Carlton's program of providing a $2,000 allowance to empower their employees to enhance the "Guest Experience" ... and I think it's noteworthy that the Cadillac division of General Motors is applying this concept to strengthen their relationship with potential Cadillac customers. It's not…

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Any control freaks out there?

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Lessons from a Lemonade Stand!

Seth Godin recently wrote about two lemonade stands and how simple things in the approach made such a big difference. My colleague, Jonathan Fields, also commented on this post, expanding upon some of the key differentiators that apply to all of our businesses. Simple concept, Provocative Ideas. Free lemonade, anyone?

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