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This week, I’ve provided a playlist of essays and articles that should be valuable to every leader. There’s also a lighter touch on one of the challenges we all face … and a few entertainment options.

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Summer Playlist

Leadership Insights | The Prizefighter & The Preacher

In honor of Father’s Day this past Sunday, I’m including an article about my father. This first thing I thing of when reflecting on his life – he passed away in 2001 – is the most unusual combination of careers of anyone I’ve ever known … a world-ranked professional boxer with a record of 82-5-0 who became a minister when he heeded the calling.

Why don’t people return phone calls?

I really enjoyed writing and again reading this essay. Felt good to have a little fun with one of those nagging issues we all face. Since it may apply to you, I thought I’d share it with you.

Of course, that’s not you, is it?

This is a fun article – see if you see yourself here?

For the rest of you? I’ve applied some scintillating analysis so don’t miss it … drumroll … this is the painful part … more snare drum … “THEY JUST MAY NOT GIVE A RIP!”

If you click the button below, I’ll share what I found when I read the minds of those ne’er-do-=wells.

You return ALL your phone calls. Right?

How are CEOs Tackling Inflation?

The perils of inflation are upon us, my friends … and it’s not likely to go away anytime soon.

Don’t miss this article, How are CEOs Tackling Inflation?, which has many links to individual articles to help you sort out some of the issues that result … costs, pricing, compensation and more.

Movie of the Night

Movie of the Night is an interesting site where you can search for movies you may like.

What’s different is you can search based on the streaming services to which you subscribe … and then further segment by genre, actor, released year, etc.

The photo alongside is an illustration, but click the link to see how it works. A handy tool when you kinda know what you want to watch but can’t find the right movie.

Here are 4 worthy limited TV series

The traditional TV season recently ended, so many of your favorite series ended.

No problem.

Take a look at these 4 intriguing and provocative shows I think you’ll enjoy. Let me know if you do.

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