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Leaders Remember: You’re Leading Teams of Regular People

I wanted to share this concept with you today because it is a powerful reminder that as leaders, we’re working with average human beings just like ourselves.

Sure, there might be a few scattered superstars among us, but those are the exceptions. Everyone else is like us … getting up early to get the kids to school, getting lunches packed, schedules aligned … providing for their families.

They have good days and bad, feel pain and pleasure and in almost all cases, are trying to do the best job they can.

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Fun Friday | Why don’t people return phone calls?

It’s remarkable that so few people return their phone calls on a timely basis. Why is that?

Are we just lazy? Too busy? Did I mention lazy? Don’t give a rip? “If it’s important, they’ll call back?”


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Are you eyeballin’ me? Of course not … not you. You return all your calls. Right?

Wanna think about all the time we invest in phone tag? Nah, me neither.


Ok, let’s do it anyway. Talk about a time sink … keeping track of all those who …

  • don’t return the call,
  • are out of the office,
  • traveling,
  • on vacation,
  • sick,
  • already on the phone …

… what a bother, huh?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got dozens of these floating around at any one time.

What if they don’t return phone calls at all?

Keep reading if you need a few more reasons to NOT return phone calls


The 7 Key Attributes of Successful New Leaders

Consider these 7 Key Attributes of Successful New Leaders to give yourself a running start.

Existing leaders will also benefit from reading along and making course corrections where necessary.


A number of my clients and colleagues have recently ascended to greater positions of leadership at the top ranks of their companies. There’s suddenly even more to do, but have you paused long enough to consider how you should start?

Do you need to do anything differently?

1. Credibility is Foremost

Without it, you’ll look over your shoulder and find no one there. You need to do it by being committed to learning, being humble about what you don’t know and proving to your team that you’re building a transparent and collaborative organization — and they are a critical part of it.

Roll up your sleeves and learn before barking out orders.

Make sure you don’t miss any of these 7 Attributes


Yes, it’s true. There’s no rest for the weary.

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The 8 Most Powerful Letters in Your Productivity Toolkit | Video

Tired from it all. Frustrated senior man in formalwear holding head in hands and keeping eyes closed while standing against blackboard with adhesive notes on it

Just when I thought we had covered the waterfront with respect to accountability, I’m reminded of the linchpin of true accountability – the very simple concept of FOLLOW UP.During my conversations with CEOs, I’m repeatedly reminded of how remarkably little attention is paid to this simple concept. Why do we ignore follow up? It seems…

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What do people see when they look in your window?

The 8 Most Powerful Letters in Your Productivity Toolkit

Do people see exactly what you want them to see when they look in your window?I’m sure we can agree on this: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Back when I was a bank teller …. Just after the dinosaurs became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Period, my…

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There is No Satisfactory Substitute for Excellence.

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How to Keep Smart People from Killing Each Other

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If you want to poison the well where you work, allow a Certified Jerk to roam free.Mollycoddling is a pernicious and infectious organism you need to expel from your organization. This phrase is powerful in so many ways. Smart people can often be prima donnas – I’ve heard those accusations myself … the smart people part,…

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