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Be a Leader Worth Following: Leadercast 2014

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Every year for the last 12 years, Leadercast has organized a ONE DAY ONLY event focused on Leadership. This year, you can join over 120,000 leaders from around the world at this exclusive event.

The theme varies every year. Last year, it was “Simply Lead”. This year, it is “Beyond You”.

“Our jobs ask much of us. And so do our lives. Employees, families, our boss. We have every reason to focus on our own success.

And yet, leadership calls us to more.

Leadership is beyond the confines of our daily tasks. Beyond the borders of our roles and responsibilities. Leadership asks us to look beyond the everyday and consider the larger community around us – our employees, colleagues, neighbors, and cities. We are asked to look not only inward, but also outward. Beyond ourselves.”

Another Great Roster of Speakers

This year’s speakers offer an exceptional array of experience, talent and insights … from Malcolm Gladwell to Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, a $17 Billion Revenue company … and to Dr. Henry Cloud and Andy Stanley, two of the most heralded speakers from previous Leadercast events with more than 20 books to their credit. Learn more about the great lineup of speakers


The Spotlight of Leadership: Where are you standing?

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The Spotlight of Leadership

Experienced leaders know that they are standing in the Spotlight of Leadership all the time. I’ll tell you about a video you should watch just below.

Have you read any of the news stories and interviews recently with General Stanley McChrystal, whose new book is coming out now, My Share of the Task?

You’ll recall he is the four-star general whose resignation was precipitated by a Rolling Stone article which disclosed some unsavory remarks about the President’s executive team.

What is McChrystal’s response?

The reporter was given broad access to McChrystal and his staff, with few conditions, to see how the general and his leadership team worked together.

You can read the candid response from General McChrystal about this incident here. (more…)


Personal Productivity is the Cornerstone of Success | Weekly Tips

Getting it all done

Over the last several years working with Bay Area CEOs and with members of the Exkalibur Leadership Forum, I’ve learned that personal productivity improvements are one of the most important ways in which CEOs can find more time to focus on the things that really matter, and that only the CEO can do. Peter Drucker, noted business author; A.G. Lafley, former CEO of Proctor & Gamble; and others have focused extensively on what only the CEO can do. As I’ve watched CEOs struggle to spend enough time on their most important initiatives, I’ve worked hard to learn as much as I can to adapt powerful productivity ideas to help business leaders gain control and perspective over everything they care about. Every Thursday, I’ll share these VERY PRACTICAL PRODUCTIVITY TIPS to help you improve your own results in 2011. Why not sign up today so you don’t miss any of these great tips?


During the holidays, I sat down with a client over a chilled martini … 3 olives, thank you. She was lamenting the limited progress she had achieved during 2010 on the seemingly endless list of projects she tried to tackle. Most of them were overdue or barely out of the gates. Her desk was littered with good intentions turned to stalled initiatives with little hope of an early resolution.

She had achieved only limited progress on her number one goal for the year. Yet, as we discussed several of the specific projects, she knew exactly what needed to be done … her reasoning was sound … but it was the unyielding demands of all of them, each of which she thought was as important as the previous one, that was keeping her from the success she was seeking.

Let’s figure out how to get all of this done

As we launch a weekly series … every Thursday … on Personal Productivity, I’m convinced of one thing if nothing else: (more…)

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3 Tips to enhance your Elevator Speech

With thanks to Carmine Gallo, his recent post, The Three Elements of an Inspiring Pitch, reminds us of the power of emotion in telling our story to an interested community. The three critical elements of a pitch that he identifies – Understandable, Memorable and Emotional – are valuable in all forms of communication … and as we know, Communication IS Leadership.

In the Exkalibur Leadership Forum, we’re currently discussing Carmine’s book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, which is an excellent primer that extracts, in clear, practical terms, the essence of how Steve Job’s creates his powerful presentations. If you want to improve your presentation and communication skills in every aspect of your professional life, this is a great place to start.


Let the public floggings continue ….

The flood of public embarrassments and public floggings never seems to end. Two of my most recent columns, Get it Right the First Time and The Keys to an Apology, summarize BPs woeful public gaffes, the transcendence of umpire Jim Joyce ‘actions following an almost perfect baseball game … and some valuable insights about how to manage such situations.

I missed Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance (the founder of Facebook) but Carmine Gallo captured the essence of his recent public appearance in his article, How to stay cool in the Hot Seat” in which he offers some candid observations about how to respond to such incidents.

I follow Carmine Gallo because I really enjoyed his book, “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs“. The members of the Exkalibur Leadership Forum are now reading it during our quarterly discussion about presentation and communication skills. It does a superb job of providing practical advice about how to make a powerful presentation using some of the demonstrated techniques of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.


CEO Round Table – Q309 Update

During the last several meetings of the CEO Round Table, we’ve invested a lot of time with leading experts to discuss “Talent Management” issues. Experienced CEO’s understand that building a high performance company centers around the recruiting, retention and performance of talented executives. In building our knowledge and insights into these critical challenges, we’ve improved our recruiting skills, launched goal and performance management initiatives among member companies and learned about the strengths and weaknesses of compensation as a high performance driver.

In my experience, few CEO’s devote the necessary time to Talent Management. (more…)


Ford CEO on Being a CEO

Thoughtful readers of this blog will see that Alan Mullaly’s interview in the NY Times Corner Office column sounds like it’s taken directly from work published by A.G. Lafley, former CEO of P&G, and Peter Drucker, on The Role of the CEO.

It’s a solid summary, though, about the critical responsibilities that ONLY the CEO can fulfill and one man’s approach to it.


Congratulations to Mary’s Pizza Shack

Congratulations to Vince Albano, CEO and member of the CEO Round Table, and his entire family and team. They have just been awarded Business of the Year by the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Vince was elected as CEO in June as part of a  realignment within the Mary’s Pizza Shack organization to develop a new fast casual concept called Rostini’s, an initiative that Cully Williamson, the previous CEO, will be leading.

Mary’s Pizza Shack success is a great testimony to the family and community spirit inspired 50 years ago by its founder, Mary Fazio, Vince’s grandmother; his father Toto, his Aunt Anna and the entire family that is steadfastly committed to their community and loyal customers.


No substitute for unbiased feedback!

PrescriptionI have posted many items and reflections about the critical importance of regular, unbiased feedback as the linchpin to achieving accountability throughout your organization.

The most recent example is the interview with Anne Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox.

John Donahoe, the CEO of eBay since 2008, offered his unequivocal enthusiasm for vigorous, honest and independent feedback in a recent interview you can find here.


Anne Mulcahy – Xerox CEO – Good Lessons!

conference-table1The NY Times interviewed Anne Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox on Sunday in their Corner Office segment. She offered several keen observations on a wide range of subjects that are worth considering:

  1. Leadership is the essence of creating “followership” … recognize that all employees are “volunteers”. Communication is fundamental to keep everyone focused on the same ball. (more…)