Hiring the Ideal Candidate



A systematic approach to identify jobcandidates who will become high-performing employees.

The Hiring the Ideal Candidate program includes 28 Candidate Assessment Tools (“eCATs”) organized into four categories, along with a comprehensive Candidate Scoring System.

  • Handy eBook format which includes the entire program


  • Candidate Assessment Tool
    • 28 Competencies thoughtfully defined
    • Graded Levels of Objective Evidence
    • 6 Interview Questions for each Competency
    • Candidate Assessment Guides for each question


  • 28 Candidate Assessment Tools Organized into Four Categories
    • Business Competencies
    • Enterprise Expectations
    • Leadership Qualities
    • Team Building Talents


  • Candidate Scoring System
    • Candidate Scorecard
    • Candidates Scoring Summary


  • Your choice Group Zoom Training or 1:1 Training