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Leadership Forum, The Library

Practical Strategies for Turbulent Times

Recently, I organized The Leadership Forum and we held our first event entitled Cash is (still) king: Practical Strategies for Turbulent Times.

At that event, I spoke about some of the critical leadership challenges ahead and discussed several strategies that I’ve gleaned over my 35+ years of middle market experience that differentiate successful companies . Take a few minutes to listen to this presentation and view the slides associated with it to discover some valuable leadership lessons that will strengthen your company during these tumultuous times.

Jack Welch and I are still in tune . . . .

There are a lot of voices out there with ideas about how to brave the economic storm, and none more experienced than Jack Welch.

During this rainy Saturday, I had a chance to catch up on some accumulated reading and was pleased, again, to find that Jack and I have been advising companies about similar strategies.

We both have learned how rare it is that anyone has cut too much from their budgets. If you stay tuned for my upcoming podcast at The Leadership Forum, you’ll hear me speak about the “first loss is the best loss” in encouraging business leaders to cut deep enough to weather the storm. In that same podcast, I also emphasize “transparency” and the need to make your employees part of the solution rather than part of the problem. You can also hear John Doer, the VC legend, talk about this exact same strategy.

Like Jack, I also talk in the podcast about incentives and how important it is to use a scalpel rather than a hachet in making cost reduction decisions so that the people you rely upon for success will still be rewarded.


The Leadership Forum: First Event a Success!

Earlier this year, in cooperation with the North Bay Business Journal, I organized The Leadership Forum as a platform within which we could address critical business issues where “Leadership Makes a Difference.” Our fabulous team of sponsors made it a great event: Bank of America, Moss Adams LLP and Heffernan Insurance Brokers.

Our inaugural event was on September 9 at the Doubletree Inn in Rohnert Park entitled: Cash is (still) King: Practical Strategies for Turbulent Times.

The North Bay Business Journal published a generous article summarizing many of the key points made by the panelists at the event, which you can find here.


Cash is (still) King: Practical Strategies for Turbulent Times

Here is the newspaper ad that has been running weekly in the North Bay Business Journal to announce the upcoming event of The Leadership Forum. I will be moderating the event as well as serving as a contributing member of the panel.

In addition to the very practical strategies relating to cash flow and cost reduction, I will describe a handful of important strategies that distinguish successful companies facing a faltering and uncertain economy. Leadership DOES make a difference.

I hope you can join us.