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Archive | September, 2011

#100 – Building a Business: What have we learned in 4 years?

What Does It Take to be a Great Leader?

Every Tuesday, we’re sharing valuable and practical leadership tips and tools to help you BE a better leader so you can BECOME a better leader. Remember … you won’t BECOME a better leader until you start BEING a better leader … implementing NOW the changes necessary to adopt the proven strategies of successful leaders. You might start by building on the communication matrix and making sure you’re defending the castle to get done what only you can do. Make sure to take some time so you’re thinking past today. Don’t forget our 12 part Leadership series.


Finally, Column No. 100?

If I haven’t put you to sleep yet, you’re not reading every one of my columns published in the local New York Times affiliate … and guess what? By my count, this column is a milestone as column #100. Has anyone else written that many … other than the Editor in Chief, of course?

Have I been listening in on your conversations?

This journey began in the Fall, 2007 and for the most part, bi-weekly since then. The only exception is the most recent L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. series that was published over 12 consecutive weeks. Most of the columns have climbed around the monkey bars at the intersection of Strategy, Finance & Leadership, but according to several keen observers, I’ve also listened in on their boardroom conversations. Others have said they recognized themselves in my examples … I’ll never tell … and some have even said, “stop writing about me”. We’ll never know if it was intentional or accidental, will we?

What are some of the most important concepts in Building a Business? (more…)

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We remember 9/11 with pain – its aftermath with pride

We all know where we were on 9/11, a day that alongside Pearl Harbor, will live in infamy.

On this 10th anniversary of 9/11, we have all reflected on this unforgivable act by a lawless band of terrorists with no respect for the dignity of human life. In their flawed interpretation of the tenets of Islam, they defiled both the devout followers of Islam as well as our innocent countrymen.

In my lifetime, I can’t remember a time when there was such an overwhelming unity of spirit among all Americans in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy. We stood arm in arm as compatriots, both physically and spiritually, against an enemy devoted to nihilist principles and the spiritless pursuit of bedlam against the unsuspecting. That invigorating spirit seems a distant memory in these days of blind partisanship and political posturing, but it is an uplifting memory that we all would eagerly welcome under more pleasant circumstances.

I was moved to write this while we watched the surreal but indelible images of that morning with tears rolling down our cheeks. The horrific collisions and unfathomable collapse of both World Trade Center buildings are unforgettable. Families torn asunder, children parentless, companies gutted, police & firefighters making the ultimate sacrifice for unfailing service in the face of insurmountable odds.

My heart bears no burden for anything we have done to bring these terrorists to justice, and my combative genes harbor no regrets for whatever else we need to do to keep each other safe. We were rightfully angry following 9/11, and while we abhor the innocent suffering that accompanies the war on terror, it is a necessary evil that, for now, seems unavoidable.

So, on this day, cuddle with your family and embrace your friends. Take nothing for granted, enjoy every moment and say a prayer for the families directly affected by 9/11.

They deserve our compassion, respect and lasting memory.

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Business Finance | Pick a card … any card ….

New metrics to Define Financial Performance?

In the tumult surrounding the 3D maelstrom (Debt Ceiling, Downgrading and Deficit) of several weeks ago, you may have missed another chilling corporate finance update on the relentless pursuit of performance metrics that extol the sunshine while you’re in the heart of darkness. Yes, there may be some economic value for certain of these metrics, but they’re dangerous barometers of realizable value and highly misleading as to future achievements of tangible operating profits and free cash flow.

Another Sign of the Apocalypse?

Most of us recall the “eyeball counting” that preceded the Dot-Com-Bomb and those certain “Signs of the Apocalypse”, as when your cab driver is telling you what stocks you should buy. (more…)

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