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Practical Strategies to Help you Become a More Effective Leader

That’s what we’re doing here. Sharing Practical Strategies to help you Become a More Effective Leader …  and build a more successful business.

Long ago, I chose the theme of the Exkalibur legend because I think pulling the sword from the stone is a perfect metaphor for the challenges faced by every business leader:

How do we increase our Leadership knowledge so that, like King Arthur, we realize that not through strength … but only through understanding … will we be able to pull the sword from the stone?

Leadership is the Common Denominator

My professional writing journey began almost 30 years ago. It has covered a lot of territory based on my experiences working closely with CEOs and business leaders of all shapes and sizes.

In short, I believe that superior business performance occurs at the intersection of Leadership, Strategy and Finance, while superior executive performance occurs at the intersection of LeadershipProductivity and Accountability.

You might take a look at two short summaries I jotted down, What I’m Sure About and What I Write About for a deeper description of what I’m trying to accomplish here.

Where can I find the best content?

To get started, I’d suggest that you take a look at the blog categories that may be of particular interest to you.

At the top of each section, you’ll see a very brief introduction that highlights some of the topics in that category that I believe will be particularly helpful.

In addition, you’ll see a reference to Featured Articles in each category, which will direct you to some of my most valuable content that I’ve personally selected for you.

We’re covering a lot of subjects …

I realize these subjects cover a lot of territory, but my experience also covers a uniquely diverse and wide-ranging landscape.

You’ll find that all of our 500+ articles, as well as our upcoming videos and podcasts, will be published on Sword Tips, the blog dedicated to all things related to Leadership Development and building your business.

While no subject is truly irrelevant to a business leader, these are critical to building a successful business.

I’ve served in many roles

Lary Kirchenbauer Background

In many ways, I have been fortunate to enjoy a remarkably diverse career.

I have taken risks – my wife will attest to that – and indulged in a variety of roles where I could apply my experience in uniquely valuable ways.

The best way I can ask you to understand my eclectic background is to imagine a conference table, with each chair occupied by an executive serving the company in a particular role. You can see from the image, above, that some of them weren’t so pretty either.

You can find more information about my background here.

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So, look around, explore our site and feel free to reach out to me directly, either here or on our expanded Facebook page where we’re responding to messages and posting every day.

If we aren’t already, I hope we have a chance to get acquainted somewhere down the road.