There’s a simple one-word formula to Achieve Excellence

PREPARE to Win … or get ready to get your butt kicked! In our travels, we’ve seen plenty of obstacles to success,…
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The 7 Qualities You Need to Get Your Company on the Medal Stand

What does it take to get on the Medal Stand and out of the Grandstands? She’s won 17 Olympic medals….
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Leadership Insight | Building Consensus does not Build Success

Building Consensus ≠ Building SuccessI have been working with a young CEO who recently acceded to her company’s leadership.She was the…
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Leadership | The 7 Attributes of World Class Organizations

 What can you accomplish in a flash of time?It lasts about 300 to 400 milliseconds. It occurs about 10 to…
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Leadership | Can we really trust you to fake authenticity?

If you’re not authentic, who are you? What a surprise! Years ago I was traveling regularly to Asia, and wanted…
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