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Leadership | 5 Great Lessons from the Coach of the Crimson Tide

Leadership | 5 Gridiron Lessons for Business Success

Leadership | 5 Gridiron Lessons for Business Success

“Who’s walking on my field?”

You’re lugging 40 pounds on your back in 100 degree temperature. Your head’s tucked inside a small capsule like a two-pound sausage in a one-pound casing and sweat’s pouring down your brow.

There’s no chance the sun will disappear … it’s only 10 a.m. … and while there’s water everywhere, your reach for the next bottle seems to exceed your grasp.

Oh, yeah, and the boss expects you to be running – not walking – on his field.

Join in a football game with Nick Saban, the legendary football coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. You’ll see how he scores a touchdown every time.


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