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Among many consultants, the word “Purpose” is routinely exchanged with buzzwords like “Mission,” “Vision,” etc

, and its power is often subjugated to those terms

In an earlier article, “a “Vision Statement seeks to ‘communicate’ the core values and purpose of a organization, and looks to the future, to ‘what is possible’ rather than ‘what is

It’s more about inspiration than perspiration

How does Purpose relate to your Vision & Mission statements?

We’re regularly sharing 


com/productivity-tip-get-rid-of-the-crappy-stuff-steve-jobs/”>“Get rid of the crappy stuff” reminds us to sharply focus on the distractions that dilute those endeavors that truly serve your organization’s Purpose

The Cornerstones of Effective Leadership


com/why-why-why/”>Why are you in business, to remind yourself of how important the “Why” is to your goals and objectives

Ask your Leadership Team: Why are we here?

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