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The 7 Qualities You Need to Get Your Company on the Medal Stand

What does it take to get on the Medal Stand and out of the Grandstands?

Jessica Long. One of the most decorated Paralympic athletes in history.

She’s won 17 Olympic medals. 12 of them are gold.

She holds 13 world records.

She’s been Sports Woman of the Year twice.

She’s obviously a remarkable swimmer.

She did all of it after having the lower part of both legs amputated when she was 18 months old.

Jessica Long’s drive, devotion and discipline are unquestioned.   Her determination is boundless. (NBC produced an in-depth look at her life you can find here.)

Is all of that enough? If you had each of those characteristics in immeasurable quantity, would it be enough to make you an Olympian?

Is drive, devotion and discipline enough?

Probably not.

Keep reading and download the 7 Olympic Qualities checklist …

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If You Stop Asking these 10 Questions, You’re Toast


Do NOT Stop Asking These 10 Questions

Several years ago, I wrote about whether we needed another checklist of the 10 Stupid Things I can’t stop doing ..or the Top 5 things I need to do before I brush my teeth (really, nothing, do that first … please).

I ran across it recently and re-read the article by Marc Kramer entitled, The 10 Questions You Should Never Stop Asking.

What about … WHAT ONLY YOU CAN DO?

As an experienced leadership coach leading a group of CEOs as well as a separate group of senior executives, I’m constantly reminding leaders to focus more intensely on what only you can do.

You’ll need to register to read Continue reading about this powerhouse article

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Hope is powerful but don’t let it become an embalming agent. Get moving.

Hope is Not a Strategy. Action is.

Hope isn’t a strategy. Action IS!

For most of us, this is the time of the year when hope springs eternal.
We’re revved up for an exciting new year, determined to change all of the things that didn’t work last year so we can pound the ball out of the park in 2014.

Nothing wrong with any of that.

Commitment, momentum, focus … these are the energies that will fuel our engine and help us jumpstart 2014 with the vigor and rigor that we need to make this year the most successful ever.

Are your initiatives starting to drag just a bit?

The gum does kinda lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight, doesn’t it?

We don’t get far into the new year before we discover that it’s much easier to start than to finish.

We struggle to keep the engine stoked with the same energy that propelled us into the New Year.

We begin to feel some of the air already coming out of the tires, and begin to wonder … “where did that new-found energy go”?

What’s that whimpering sound?

It comes back to that whimpering sound of “hope springs eternal.”

Read why Hope is a poor excuse for a strategy….

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What do Magicians, Grifters and Financial Legerdemain Have in Common?

It's the money

Magicians are pretty amazing, aren’t they?

They do stuff right in front of our eyes

… we’re on the edge of our seats …

expecting the unexpected …

and even then we have no idea how they just did what they did.

Somehow, he gets you to look one way while he’s doing something else right in front of you … and you completely miss it.

Watch Apollo Robbins, the best pickpocket it in the world, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Financial Legerdemain: A Magician’s Trick by any other name

I’ve always loved the term, “legerdemain”. The shorthand definition is “sleight of hand”, kind of “now you see it, now you don’t”. Like Apollo.

But when it’s applied to financial metrics, with an unstated intention of distracting you from focusing on the right thing, it’s a particularly destructive force.

It’s the worst if you turn it on yourself … and end up deceiving yourself about what performance metrics really count. Read the entire article to avoid a fool’s errand ….

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If you don’t have any shadows, you’re not standing in the light.

~ Lady Gaga

You can interpret this in many ways … but for me, it means that it’s okay if some things don’t go well or that you make mistakes.

If you are in the Spotlight of Leadership, whether as an artist or a business leader, you will only cast a shadow if you let the light shine upon you and are willing to be authentic and imperfect.

So, get out there!

Stand under the hot lights.

Stand upright.

Face the music.

Do your best.

Belt it out … and let the shadows fall.

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Video & Slides | Does Your Incentive Plan Really Drive Superior Results?

Does Your Incentive Plan Really Drive Superior Results?

Does Your Incentive Plan Really Drive Superior Results?

Can we develop an incentive plan to drive superior performance?

You can be pretty sure that’s the question someone was trying to address when your key incentive program was created.

At the time, the answer may have been yes.

Since then?

The chances are that question has never been asked again.

If we believe in the power of incentives … and we want to stimulate superior performance … why do we rarely take time to examine the programs already in place to see if those programs are accomplishing their intended objective?

Incentive Plans are rarely updated

When you look under the hood of your own incentive programs, you’re likely to find that incentive plans already in place aren’t working too well.

What started as a well-intended and robust incentive plan has now become a routine bonus program that participants expect to receive as a regular part of their income.

The plan doesn’t do anything to stimulate superior performance. Keep Reading for the Video & Slides

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Leadership | 5 Great Lessons from the Coach of the Crimson Tide

Leadership | 5 Gridiron Lessons for Business Success

Leadership | 5 Gridiron Lessons for Business Success

“Who’s walking on my field?”

You’re lugging 40 pounds on your back in 100 degree temperature. Your head’s tucked inside a small capsule like a two-pound sausage in a one-pound casing and sweat’s pouring down your brow.

There’s no chance the sun will disappear … it’s only 10 a.m. … and while there’s water everywhere, your reach for the next bottle seems to exceed your grasp.

Oh, yeah, and the boss expects you to be running – not walking – on his field.

Join in a football game with Nick Saban, the legendary football coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. You’ll see how he scores a touchdown every time.

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Productivity | Want to Set Your Business on Fire? Start One of Your Own

Leadership | A 7 Point Cheat Sheet to Make Brilliant Decisions

Fuel. Ignition. Oxygen. What it takes to set your business on fire and and keep it burning! (In a good way ;>))

In The Fires You Want Are The Ones You Set, I’ve captured one of the core issues that keep us from being productive.

We’re always putting out fires.

Not ones we create … but ones that burn because we don’t understand why the fire started in the first place and how to control the burn.

Fuel. Ignition. Oxygen

It’s time to douse those unplanned flames and start lighting your own fire to get your business moving.

Read how to mix Fuel, Ignition & Oxygen to set your business on fire.

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